Monadnock Therapy Dogs

Dec 12, 2017

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The always-popular Monadnock Therapy Dogs, and their handlers, visited campus for one of their annual de-stressing sessions during finals week. This well attended program, sponsored by the Center for Academic Excellence, is intended to give students a source of comfort amid a taxing week.

“The CAE sponsors therapy dogs during the last week of classes when student stress levels can be pretty high.” Shared Dean Karen Brown.  “We started this a few years ago.  It’s caught on” shared Dean Brown.

The visits, arranged through Amee Abel of the Monadnock Humane Society, are coordinated with the owners and their therapy dogs for the available times. Abel explained that there is a mutual benefit; “It's one of the dogs’ (and the handlers) favorite visits. FPU students are so enthusiastic about having the dogs visit; the dogs have been visiting for finals for the past three years.”

The group also visits the campus early in the year when students may feel homesick and during disability week.

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