Open for Business: Monadnock Hall is new home of College of Business

Nov 7, 2018

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College of Business

Business students and faculty on the Rindge campus have a new home on the first floor of Monadnock Hall. After months of renovations, the College of Business has officially moved into inviting space that has been thoughtfully designed to foster community and engagement of business students, faculty, community members, alumni and business partners.

The new space includes a classroom and multi-purpose room that can be configured for a variety of uses, a breakout room and seating areas for informal or small group gatherings, and faculty offices.

College of Business Dean Ed French looks forward to having students congregate in the space when they want a place to go outside the dorms. He envisions spontaneous interactions between students, faculty and visiting guests that lead to new relationships, shared interests and collaborations that benefit everyone. “I want students to feel like this is their home on the Rindge campus, not just a place to make an appointment with a faculty member or to see their advisor. They might have a meeting, but then just stay and use a breakout room and see what happens.”

Dr. Mary Ann Gaal, Assistant Dean for the College of Business and Associate Professor, is excited about the possibilities for welcoming student clubs and community organizations. “Our hope is that organizations involved in the Monadnock Incubator will come to here to use the space, creating even more opportunities for students in the Business Minds Club and Small Business Advisory Group to get involved and brainstorm solutions to real business challenges.”

The renovated building is just the first phase of an ambitious plan to support the current and future needs of business students and faculty on the Rindge campus and in remote locations. Phase two is expected to roll out in the 2019-2020 academic year. It will include technology that makes it possible for online students to participate in face-to-face classes at Rindge, and for potential partners around the country to participate on advisory boards or in discussions about course materials or internship opportunities.

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