Re-dedication of the Career Center

Oct 21, 2016

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Image Ribbon-cutting at the Career Services Re-dedication


Franklin Pierce University announced earlier today, as part of its re-dedication of The Lloyd & Helen Ament Astmann ’69 Career Center, the completion of its Tower of Excellence. The Tower puts career services, alumni and parent relations, the Wensberg Writing Center and the Center for Academic Excellence together under one roof in the University's Library.

The co-location of all of these support services comes at a critical time given the increased interest nationally in student outcomes and will dramatically enhance student and alumni opportunities in regards to career planning, career decision-making, job search and lifelong career development.

“The ability for advising, career, and alumni offices to easily collaborate has become critical as we, and universities around the country, place more emphasis on experiential learning,” says Rosemary Nichols, Director of Career Services at Franklin Pierce. “The Tower brings us to the center of campus making for easy access by students, alums, and employers. "

The new space is much larger than their previous offices, which will allow the University to more easily host joint initiatives such as networking events, career panels, informational interviews, professional development workshops, internships, mentoring, shadowing experiences, internships and other experiential learning opportunities.

“This move will allow our alumni to be more active participants with our students and for us to provide better ongoing career support to our alumni,” says Julie Zahn, director of alumni & parent relations at Franklin Pierce. “We encourage our alumni to never say goodbye, especially when it comes to career services. In fact, we have alumni come back weekly for career support."

The Lloyd & Helen Ament Astmann ’69 Career Center was officially dedicated in September, 2011. The re-dedication today was an opportunity to celebrate the new location, the collaboration between Career Services and Alumni & Parent Relations and to acknowledge the ongoing support of Career Services by Lloyd and Helen Astmann.