Peyton Place Discussion with the Rivermead Community

Jan 1, 2020

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Residents of Rivermead Life Care Center joined students, faculty, and staff on the Rindge campus for a discussion about the once banned book, Peyton Place. This coming together of generations inspired lively discussion and literary analysis, making compelling connections between the U.S. during the 1950’s era of Peyton Place and today.

The Rivermead residents shared momentous stories of life when they were in their twenties, when the novel was published, and how the book was considered taboo. Many added that read the book in secret, “it was scandalous! My mother and I read it without my father knowing!” Many students observed that several of the topics in the book such as race, class privilege, and abortion, are still volatile topics of conversations today.

Dr. Dangelantonio observed that, “These types of community based discussions foster an interest in literature and language by promoting character and good fellowship - ultimately serving the greater society by fostering literacy. We are looking forward to our spring book group and discussion, and will have copies of The Book of Unknown Americans available for the FPU community and for Rivermead.”

These events are a continuation of the model used last year by English Professors Dr. Dangelantonio and Dr. Decker called the Big Read, made possible by a NEA Grant awarded to the professors to promote cultural stimulation between college campuses and their surrounding communities through an interest in literature.