Online MBA in Energy & Sustainability

Oct 1, 2014

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Franklin Pierce University’s online MBA program in Energy & Sustainability Studies was ranked sixth in the nation by, a ranking organization based in Austin, Texas. cited the program’s broad academic approach and that students can earn their MBA completely online. Also noted was the program’s accelerated course option, enabling students to complete the program in 12 months.

Franklin Pierce launched the online MBA program in Energy & Sustainability just four years ago and the program has been growing steadily, says Michael Mooiman, associate professor at Franklin Pierce. "Energy operates at the intersection of finance, technology, and regulations, so we don’t focus on creating narrow specialists, but graduates who are knowledgeable in all three areas. It’s a real strength of our program."

Another strength of the online Energy and Sustainability MBA program is its advisory board, which is made up of industry experts. "The advisory board helps keep our program on the cutting edge, from innovations to regulations," says Mooiman. "They also give our program a huge advantage when it comes to employment, as we’re able to teach our students the skills and energy knowledge that companies want."

The program includes a strong focus on leadership, business management, finance, and marketing as well as energy and resource management. Food, water, raw materials, non-renewable and renewable energy sources are studied in detail, along with energy conservation and sustainability practices.

The program consists of 39 credits. With four new start terms per year, the normal pace of study means completing the program in 18-24 months but, on an accelerated pace, students can complete the program in 12 months.

To find out more about Franklin Pierce University’s MBA in Sustainability and Energy, contact the Franklin Pierce Graduate Admissions Office at 800.325.1090 or online at



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