Fitzwater Honors 2021

Fitzwater Scholars enter Franklin Pierce University with an exemplary record of academic achievement and commitment to serving their communities through public communication. During their four years here, the Scholars are offered extraordinary opportunities to engage their intellects and challenge their perspectives, and many of them step naturally into demanding leadership roles with the Fitzwater Center and on campus.

Cord Recipients

  • Tyler Aarago
  • Alexa Asta
  • Shaughnessy Benoit
  • Austin Callaway
  • Tyler Comeau
  • Colin Doherty
  • Trent Dunn
  • Sean Fitzpatrick
  • Haley Gardner
  • Brianna Gilman
  • Bryce Johnson
  • Ian Keating
  • Stephanie LeClair
  • Tyler Peterson
  • Patrick Seavey
  • CeLynn Siemons
  • Sophia Venezia