Health Science

Degree Awarded

Bachelor of Science (B.S.)

Program Delivery


Locations Available

Rindge, New Hampshire

The hands-on Health Sciences major prepares you for many careers, and pre-professional paths including medicine, physician assistant, physical therapy, dentistry, nursing, and pharmacy. Professors will work with you to prepare for graduate school or direct entry into a career. Join the Health Sciences Club for additional exposure to hospitals and graduate programs.

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About the Program

If you have an interest in healthcare or wellness and are looking for a high-paying job in a growing field, a degree in Health Sciences may be perfect for you. Your degree prepares you for a wide range of careers in medicine and allied health fields, including clinical practice, management, research, science writing and healthcare advocacy. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics in 2018, 11 of 20 of the fastest growing careers are in the healthcare field.

What Can my Health Science major lead?

The Franklin Pierce Health Sciences program offers several pathway options for health science students, including:

What do Health Science students Learn?

With your major in Health Sciences, you master core concepts involving ethics and scientific analysis, develop a deeper functional understanding of human anatomy, plan and execute research projects using scientific methods and best practices in lab and field techniques.

General Four Year Health Science Curriculum

This Health Science program can be condensed to a three year program, please connect with admission for details.

If you have a graduate career path of Doctor of Physical Therapy, Masters of Physicians Assistant, or Masters Entry Program of Nursing in mind you will see those recommended courses with the designations of DPT, MPAS, MEPN

  • Biology I (BI101) 4 credits
  • Biology II (BI102) 4 credits
  • First Year Inquiry Seminar (GLE101) 3 credits
  • First Year Composition I (GLE110) 3 credits
  • (16 elective credits of your choosing – strongly suggest Statistics, Intro to Psychology and Into to Public Health)

  • Chemistry I (CH101) 4 credits
  • Chemistry II (CH102) 4 credits
  • Anatomy and Physiology I (BI 260) 4 credits
  • Anatomy and Physiology II (BI 261) 4 credits
  • Biology and Health Science Seminar (BI125) 3 credits
  • Human Health and Nutrition (BI125) 3 credits
  • Second Year Composition II (GLE230) 3 credits
  • (5 elective credits of your choosing – strongly suggest Ethical Reasoning)

  • Kinesiology or Exercise Physiology (BI400 or BI402) 4 credits
  • Medical terminology (BI370) 3 credits
  • DPT – Physics I (PH101) 4 credits
  • DPT – Physics II (PH102) 4 credits
  • MPAS – Microbiology (BI325) 4 credits
  • MPAS – Organic Chem I (CH211) 4 credits
  • MPAS – Organic Chem II (CH212) 4 credits
  • MEPN – Microbiology (BI325) 4 credits
  • MEPN – Human Growth and Development (PS234) 3 credits
  • (11-16 elective credits of your choosing – strongly suggest Public Speaking)

  • Internship or Senior Seminar or Invited Research (BI 460, 480, 481) 3 credits
  • (27 elective credits of your choosing)

The following are strongly suggested elective courses for the following career paths:

  • DPT – Kinesiology or Exercise Physiology (BI400 or BI402) 4 credits
  • DPT – Strength and Conditioning (BI403) 4 credits
  • DPT – Assessment and Prescription of Fitness (BI404) 4 credits
  • MPAS – Genetics (BI215) 4 credits
  • MPAS – Cellular Biology (BI319) 4 credits
  • MPAS – Immunology (BI327) 3 credits
  • MPAS – Biochemistry (CH321) 4 credits
  • MEPN – Epidemiology (HCA315) 3 credits
  • MEPN – Into to Holistic Health (NR200) 3 credits
  • MEPN – Healthcare Ethics Policy and Law (HCA360)3 credits

Who should Study Health Science?

Students with these qualities and interests excel in the program of Health Science:


  • Compassion
  • Honesty
  • Integrity
  • Team Player


  • Scientific inquiry
  • Human movement
  • Medical advancements
  • Humanity

CONTACT the Admissions Team

(800) 437-0048
Monday-Friday, 8 a.m.-4:30 p.m.

Lindsay Vago
Assistant Professor
Coordinator of the Health Sciences Department
(603) 899-4264