Financing Study Abroad & Off-Campus Programs

Franklin Pierce University offers study abroad opportunities intended to enrich the academic experience of our students. This page is intended to outline the costs for participation in these programs. Not all of the recommended international programs cost the same, and the financial aid implications are different for each program. The variances are the result of the specific costs the University must assume in order to participate in affiliated programs.

The Student Financial Services Office works closely with students to plan for the costs associated with making study abroad possible and encourage students to work with their Student Financial Services Counselor. Students also have the right to take a leave of absence from Franklin Pierce University in order to attend affiliated programs, keeping in mind that should the student opt to do so, Franklin Pierce will no longer assume academic or administrative functions. Franklin Pierce University does not offer financial aid for participation in abroad programs over the summer.

Students wishing to study abroad through a program not outlined on this page should meet with a Counselor in the Student Financial Services Office to review the possibilities. Such students must recognize that financial aid and billing will generally not be available through Franklin Pierce, but that Franklin Pierce staff can often bridge a communication thread between the host institution and the student and family.

Franklin Pierce University Study Abroad Programs

The following programs are considered Franklin Pierce University Programs. Thus, financial aid is considered “portable” for the student to participate. Each program has different costs, but allows for both federal (loans and grants) and institutional (FP Grants and Merit Scholarships) to help pay for associated costs. Tuition and fees are subject to change at the discretion of the Board of Trustees. Charges listed are in effect from June 1, 2018 to May 31, 2019. For charges for future programs, please contact Student Financial Services.

Pierce on the Camino

Line Item FPU Billed Charges
Tuition $16,950.00
Room $3,887.50
Board $2,785.00
Administrative Fee $1,500.00
Study Abroad Fee $1,800.00
Other Fees Assessed for Program** $4,200.00


**Note: Students that participate in these programs retain 100% of both federal and FP sources of financial assistance. The $4,200.00 Other Fees Assessed for Program includes airfare, train travel, other travel expenses, medical insurance and museum entrance costs.

CIEE and the Washington Center Study Abroad Programs

Franklin Pierce University has entered into an affiliation agreement with CIEE and The Washington Center, in Washington, DC in order to offer students the opportunity to study abroad. This program allows for students to retain their federal sources (grants, loans) of financial aid only. Franklin Pierce University does not allow for any FP scholarships or grants to finance The Washington Center or CIEE programs.

Students have the right to take a leave of absence from Franklin Pierce University to apply for both admission and financial aid through the program they are interested in. The following costs are outlined for students planning to remain enrolled as Franklin Pierce students and have both billing and financial aid coordinated through Franklin Pierce.

Line Items FPU Billed Charges
Tuition $16,950.00
Administrative Fee $1,500.00
Study Abroad Fee *varies on program cost
Sub Total: $18,450.00

Affiliated Study Abroad Programs

Franklin Pierce University only offers financial assistance for programs described above.

Note: Franklin Pierce does not award scholarship aid for any January, Winterim, or Summer programs, whether they are FPU programs or non-FPU programs.

Contact Student Financial Services

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