The Marlin Fitzwater Center for Communication believes firmly that robust and open debate is essential to the health of our nation’s democracy. To ensure the future of that debate, we are dedicated to educating leaders of conscience in public communication. This conference reaches out to our nation’s high school media. We introduce some of the country’s most engaged youth to the dynamics of presidential election politics, the role of the media who cover it, and the relationship between the two. Every speaker, every tour, every interview is designed to give these young people the skills and information they need for full participation in the Presidential Election.

The days start with a morning editorial meeting, at which time the students are advised of the final schedule and drop-in/call-in guests. Action then moves into the newsroom, where work continues on the conference’s on-line newspaper, and pre-production meetings are held to plan for the final day’s livestream show. The middle of the day is devoted to briefings, followed by dinner at the Press Club and "Off-the-Record" conversations on issues, personalities and careers with state and national media and political figures.

The students are here to learn. They will be assigned to a beat, working the conference as reporters, producers, podcasters, photographers, and videographers for print and electronic media. Students will work on stories, complete interviews, and wrap up news packages under the guidance of visiting professionals, experienced faculty and university students. The Fitzwater Center Briefings, the conference’s on-line newspaper, will showcase each student’s work. In addition, the world will be able to log onto the web and watch a Fitzcast of "The Presidency and The Press: The Week in Review.”

The conference fee is $625. Partial scholarships are available. Please contact Dr. Kristen Nevious at (603) 899-1039 for more information.

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