Alcohol and Other Drugs Committee

The AOD Committee is a group of dedicated staff, faculty and students who share the common goal of helping Franklin Pierce University be safe and educated in relation to alcohol and drugs. This committee meets monthly to examine how alcohol and drugs are affecting our community, what can be done to educate the community regarding topics relating to alcohol and other drugs, implement educational opportunities and gather, share and disseminate resources that are important to keeping our community both safe and healthy.


Current Members

Title Name Email Address
Assistant Director of Student Conduct and Community Standards (Chair) Hannah Monbleau 
Director of Health Services Erica Peery

Assistant Director of Counseling and Outreach Education   Peter Berg

Assistant Dean of Student Engagement   Scott Ansevin-Allen

Athletic Director  Julia Unterseher

Director of Campus Safety   Kris Towle

Assistant Director of Campus Safety   Lynn Belliveau

Student Representative   Colton White

Student Representative   Jack Shearer

Student Representative   Connor Everidge

Faculty Representative   Johnna Pike

Faculty Representative   Zan Concalves

Current Initiatives

21st Birthday Emails - Every first of the month, students turning 21 that month will receive an email offering alternative ways to celebrate their birthday without drinking along with tips to stay healthy if they do choose to celebrate with alcohol. 

Trade in Your Vape Pen - Students can bring their vape pen or juul to Residence Life and receive one of the following in return: $10 worth of pub points, $10 worth of library café money, one day of parking in faculty/staff lots

Standard Drink Challenge - Students were challenged to see if they knew what a standard sized beer, wine glass, or shot are!

Drunk Goggles Test - Students will test to see if they can open a door and pass a sobriety test at certain BAC levels by wearing drunk goggles!

Halloween Happy Hour -Students will make Halloween-themed mocktails using Ritual’s Alcohol-Free Gin

past initiatives

Pre-Orientation Modules for Students

Compiled data from various on-campus and off-campus resources

Collected various resources for the University (DVDs, Books, etc.)

Facilitated social norms campaigns around campus to educate the community about alcohol and other drugs

Designed and ordered various marketing items to publicize the AOD Committee

Created the AOD website on Eraven

Designed and administered the bi-annual Franklin Pierce Substance Survey

Participated yearly in the Franklin Pierce University Health & Safety Fair

Participated yearly in the Franklin Pierce University Employee Benefits Fair

Planned and facilitated educational events around campus relating to alcohol and drugs

Developed and implemented a survey to administer to Faculty and Staff to gain perspective on ways alcohol and other drugs impact their positions

Created various educational materials / publications for the campus community

helpful resources

Alcohol and Other Drugs Committee - Franklin Pierce University

Breathe NH

Counseling and Outreach-Education 

Campus Safety

Fact Sheet for New College Students and Parents (

Student EMS

Health Services

Residence Life & Student Conduct and Community Standards

Library Resources from the Alcohol and Other Drugs Committee

Drug Free Schools and Communities Act

Reality Check - Addition Help Resource

Student Handbook

Student Code of Conduct

Virtual AA & NA options

NH AA & NA options

Contact Student Conduct

Kat Dougherty, Assistant Dean of Student Affairs
(603) 899-4178
Mon - Fri, 8 a.m. - 4:30 p.m.